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Unparalleled guidance. Invaluable relationships.

For CMR Partners, it’s all about the end result. The culmination of the planning, rather than the plans themselves. In the same way, our focus is on the relationships we’re building, rather than the projects we’re building. We see our clients as partners. Every detail we plan, every decision we make, is with you in mind. We’re proud to be your eyes and ears, value engineering at every opportunity, ensuring the highest level of quality at the best price. Because your success is our success. And because we’re committed to re-earning your business every day.  

Website_Adam P.png
Adam Pearlman, CEO
Doug Hale_Gray BG.png
Doug Hale, CFO
Untitled design (2).png
Joe Barrett, CCM,
Project Manager
Untitled design (3).png
Scot Bini Headshot_4.20.png
Scot Bini REFP, LEED GA, CCM, President
Mark Ballard, Senior Vice President
Untitled design (1).png
Tim Hazelbaker, AIA, Federal Project Manager
Untitled design (26).png
Head Shot Chris Watson - Square.jpg
Chris Watson, Senior Vice President
Untitled design (4).png
Chris Copeland, CMIT, Project Manager
Untitled design (6).png
Kurt Nicholas, Aviation Project Manager
Website_Ken B.png
Ken Blumbek, COO
Untitled design (5).png
Keith Taylor, CMIT, Project Manager
Walter Kafuka, Program Controls

Roma Patel, 
Marketing Director

Tyla Dolezel, 
Executive Administrative

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